do ingrowns decrease over time?

i’m thinking of buying another epilator, even though my current one gives me such terrible ingrowns that i never use it. i’ve read all about exfoliation, tend skin, etc on this website, none of which were very helpful with my last epilator.

however, i read a review on about epilators where one user said that ingrowns decrease the more you use the epilator. have any of you experienced this? maybe i just never stuck to the epilator long enough for my hairs to get “trained” not to be ingrown all the time.


I guess it depends on the person, because I never got ingrowns before using my epilator. They seemed to get worse the more I used it. I haven’t used it in about a year, but my legs still don’t look like they used to before I started using the epilator. Also, I now have visible tiny black dots at my hair follicles, even after a smooth shave, so I’m afraid it may have made the hair thicker too.

Sorry I couldn’t give you something positive.