Do I have to shave body parts before laser treatment?

I visited an American Laser center, and they told me that on the day of treatment, I will have to shave my body parts first. Is this normal? I was interested in getting my back and chest treated, but I’ve never shaved those areas before. I’m concerned about how to track the laser’s results if I’m removing all the hair myself, not to mention the discomfort of shaving my own back and sholders! Also, is shaving a requirement for ALL laser treatments or is it only for the kind American Laser provides?

Yes, you need to shave before laser treatments. Otherwise, the laser energy will be wasted on hair above the skin’s surface. You are also more likely to be burned if hair is left above the skin surface.

Since you have never shaved before trim the hair short first with a beard trimmer then finish with an electric shaver or a good blade like the Mach 3 Turbo or M3 Power.

The hair that the laser did not get will grow back, so you will be able to track your progress.

So start mowing and report back on how the treatment went.
What laser are they using?


I’ve been able to shave my shoulders, back of neck and back of arms, but the hair on my back inside of the shoulder blades is simply too tough to get at.

What the hell do I do?

I’ve had my back done at an Advanced Laser Clinic. For a fee ($15), they will shave the area to be treated. I prefer to have them do it for two reasons. It is difficult to shave and I want them to be able to see where the hair is and is not before treatment. They waived the fee anyway.

You can ask someone to do it, but most techs wouldn’t mind, even for free.

Yeah the tech will do it alright, with a surgical razor on dry skin!

The times I have missed a spot or two, thats what they do…
I would much rather have someone do it for me, with nice hot water & shaving cream!!!