Do hormones cause eyebrow thinning?

Does anyone know if there have been any reports of oral medicines such as anti-androgens or Estrogen replacement therapy to cause thinning of the eyebrows? My mother took HRT after menopause and said that some of her eyebrows started falling out when she did. If you know of any clinical evidence of this or have personal experience with it, please post it here.

Thanks everyone, for all your help!

yes i used dianette for my spots it worked perfectly not one spot but i look at pictures and see my long hair look much much thicker at the bottom compared to the root to mid length i,ve been taking dianette for ages and defintly think its dianette that has done this i stopped taking it and now my hair is about normal thank god although my spots came back servely that i thought i,d rather have hairloss than acne but when i went back on it i had a reverse effect on my spots made them worst and my hair went real thin so stopped takeing and never would i go on it again so yes i would think it would do the same to eyebrows coz whe takeing dianette which has what u said has init it stopped my hair on my belly never grow back till i stopped taking the pill legs and under arms stop growing too i was shaving once a month but as i said my head hair was effected too in a bad way

I know of at least 2 conditions that can cause the loss of hair, however, there are probably many more. All are related to hormones but they are NOT suitable for removing excess hair due to the severity of side effects. I have one of these conditions myself. It is called HYPOTHYROIDism. Among all the possible symptoms and there are a load of them) is loss of the eyebrows. My dermatologist noticed that the outer third of my eyebrows were gone and ordered a blood test for this. I now take “levoxyl” (a synthetic thyroid hormone). Hair does not regrow but the gradual loss of eyebrows has stopped.

The second is seen in women and is called “androgenetic hair loss”. It is caused by the woman having too much androgen in her blood. This is a genetic condition to many women starting at about the pre-menopausal phase of their life. It is common for them to see an increase in facial hair at the same time. My wife has this problem. Her hair became very fine and she lost a lot of her hair. She has been talking about getting a wig. A dermatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital who specializes in hair disorders said at this time there is nothing that can be done.