Do guys...

Hi everyone.

I would like to get lots of body hair waxed off to surprise my gf.

Would it be weird if I had hair removed from my chest, tummy, back, bum, entire pubic area, and thighs - BUT left hair on my arms and legs below shorts level?

Do any guys do this?

I dont want to have all my arms and all of my legs waxed, as I am sure my friends and family would notice (both my arms and legs are moderately hairy now)… it’s something everyone knows me for. Plus I don’t think it would look good.

Any ideas? Thanks!

IMO it would be normal and more manly if you kept the hair on your arms, legs and chest.

I do much the same with my waxing. I also do the underarms, shoulders, and nape of neck, but only trim the chest/abs to thin it down just a bit. The full-back and everything under the shorts is smooth - you will like it AND so will she! You can use a trimmer to make the transition zone at your upper legs and arms a bit more gradual so it won’t appear to sharp. Takes only a bit of practice, but it works well for me and does not take long.

I think it would definitely surprise your girlfriend if you did what you describe in your post.
I cant help thinking it could potentially leave you looking like you had wooly boots and gloves on.
I’m not convinced that this would be a good look for the bedroom unless you’re planning on being celibate for a while…