Do distorted follicles straighten as you slide in

I was once told in person by two electrologists who were standing side-by-side from the same company that thermolysis works on distorted follicles BECAUSE the follicle unfurls along the probe as it is inserted before any energy is applied. Is this true? In illustrations I’ve seen posted to the internet from textbooks, it looks like it is possible for the probe to be inserted too deeply into the skin, and will go deeper than the papilla. Or is this only true with non-bulbous probes? If the probe is bulbous, maybe the probe won’t burst through the follicle, and the follicle will contort/stretch along with the probe, so that by the time the probe enters deeply enough into the skin, the follicle will have become straight and is so long curved/hooked/distorted? I am skeptical about what these two electrologists told me, because I’ve never read what they said anywhere else on the internet. I wonder if it’s just marketing and has no basis in reality.