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I want to ask if someone knows something about company called “Centre Biotechnique Avance” and their laser hair removal system DMD 9000lp! Did someone have good or bad experience with it! I’ll be very thankful if you can help me !!

You can take a look at:

All the “lasers” on that site are to be avoided. They are basically low-power laser pointers. Save your money.

I’m also looking at Centre Biotechnique Avance - the pricing of their units are enticing if their lasers perform as they claim. However, I am unable to verify who they are, what and where they produce their products, are they operating a scam - 85 Jcm2 output from one of their units is impressive and is not a pointing device at this output. Can any one substantiate who the company are and what they claim. I have heard that they are not bona fide. I am reluctant to part with any money without some hard evidence of the reality of who they are and what they claim - I dont give much regard to their so called guarantees - I dont want to be chasing them for my money back if their claims dont stack up! Can any one provide any hard evidence and not just anecdotes ?

Can you provide any hard data to substantiate your assertions regarding the company and their products - I am looking to purchase a diode laser for professional use and the pricing of their units seem attractive - but only if they perform as the company claims?

Look up their company and products on the FDA website. You won’t find them cleared for market as epilators under 510(k).

That is a scam, plain and simple! Notice on the site that they call it laser shaving! That’s a new one.

Andrea, what do real medical hair removal lasers cost? My guess is a Lightsheer would cost about $50-60,000. A Sciton Profile would cost quite a bit more, probably six figures!


As I posted in the last post string on this scammer, the least expensive Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation machine that I know of is US $50,000, and the most expensive that I have ever encountered is US $250,000

The very idea of this is that it is possible to take a Mercedes that costs $100,000 US Dollars and build a $1,000 US Dollar version of it for “light use”. This is kind of funny in light of the fact that the “toy” Lambourghini sold at F.A.O. Shwartz in New York City costs $50,000, and it is a scaled down version of the adult car with a kid sized maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. (for those who are pondering this, most teens and some preteens can pedal a bike faster than that, and many humans can RUN faster than that for a short period of time.