DM6000, DM4000, etc

Anyone have any experience with these products and/or know if they work??

We have already posted the FACT That this company is a notorious scammer. Do Not Give Them Your Money, or You WILL BE SORRY!

An energy density of 96 Jcm2/second concerns me. Professional alexandrite and nd:Yag lasers typically use energy in the range from 15 to 30 Joules, and this device claims to deliver three times that amount from a diode laser source. You won’t get any results with this machine. Joules are irrelevant given the other specs on these useless gimmick machines.

Medicam, MedicalEquipmentBroker, Global, Vector, DMD Home Use Laser Scam.

And before you ask, this is also a scam.

It’s fairly obvious that these products are bunk since the company cannot be traced down, they have no other references and nobody else sells them. I’m disappointed that Amazon continues to let them list on their site. I’m a prime member on Amazon and I think I’ll be sending them an e-mail about the fact that they are letting a predatory scammer continue to list in their marketplace. Anybody else with an Amazon account should do the same.