DIY'er upgrading machine

I have been using a Sterex SX-B at home for about a year now. I generally use thermolysis only, and have had success with this. I have also used blend (and galvanic when first starting out).

I have reached the stage where speed is becoming an issue, and am looking into getting another machine to do faster thermolysis. I have been reading about the Fischer CB-X. Would this machine be suitable for increasing speed eg with Flash? Are there any other like machines that would be suitable for a DIY’er. I am looking to buy off EBay.

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The most important thing when looking to upgrade on the thermolysis speed of your work is the auto insertion delay, or AutoSensor feature. What I like about the Apilus machines is they have had an auto insertion delay that goes as low as 0.1 for more than 10 years.

One of the things I most loudly lament to my friends at Instantron is that their machines have a treatment delay of no less than one second! I can insert, retract, and insert again in that space of time.

As far as speed is concerned, the Sterex device might be pretty capable - at least in the hands of very experienced electrologists. It should be able to be run in the ultra fast blend operation Michael Bono and Jossie have outlined here. Its pedal can be pressed down with te heel - IMO faster and better to control than with the toes.

@James: the Instantron machines also have a limiting factor in pulse length (0.4s), don’t they?


Thanks for your replies. I have just purchased a Fischer CB-X (series 3), so we shall see how it goes!

Beate_r - I find doing blend on the Sterex quite painful, more painful than thermolysis. When doing blend, I routinely have to lower the DC, and increase the time, so this is why I find it “slow”.

Yes, you are close, the length of time between pulses, depending on machine is 0.25 to 0.50 on Instantrons.

I feel like William Shatner fielding a question at a Trek Convention about the warp signature of the Enterprise. :wink: