DIY “orange power!”

Well, here it is. You don’t even need a “One-Touch!” Just an orange or a lemon will do it! Would this work? I would say “absolutely.” (I’ll let Brenton explain … it’s his field.)

(Photo has an LED at the center of the “wet-cell battery.”) Could this be called “Organic Electrolysis?” I suppose you just need a lemon and a copper and zinc post? Oh, and a needle cord and “return” wire.

Hey man my one touch was 10$… that’s not that many citrus fruits! :wink: Betcha potatoes would work too.

Fun stuff …

I just thought of something funny. See, the State of California says, “you may use any device you wish, as long as it produces either/or DC or HF.

It would be great to see somebody show up at the State Board Exam with a LEMON! If I didn’t already have my license I might consider doing just that!

(It’s FUN to be “nuts!”)