DIY electrolysis or laser?

I have been trying to read everything, but there are so many posts on here that I cannot catch up all. I was trying to find which way is the best to do DIY hair removal in home, but I am not sure which or which. My partner and I would like to have a hair removal machine at home and do it on each other, but so far I guess that the electrolysis is the best way to go? Is laser the best way to use if we use it for the legs, the armpits, entire of my bikini area, and many other areas?

Is there a topic about having a DIY laser on here? I cannot seem to find one so far, even by a search engine, and I would love to have somebody send me a link. I know that the laser machine is very costly than the electrolysis machine, but it may not for us if we will use it a lot more. I hope it is easier to use than the electrolysis. If DIY laser in home is very possible, I would love to collect all the must-read tips and the guides.

Maybe others on here can feel you in more on home laser units. Basically, I do not believe they put out enough power to kill hairs. It the cheaper units really did work, everyone would rush to purchase them.
It is far easier to perform electrolysis as Do each other. However, I am working on a contraption that might make “Do it yourself a bit easier”. It involves two video camera’s A video mixer, and a video capture device. Basically left camera to left eye, and right camera to right eye. The Video mixer will perform fliping of the video so that it looks correct to yourself. I will hopefully be able to advise better on how this works in a few days.
If you can afford to purchase a good professional epilator, then that would be the ideal way to go. I money is very tight, you might want keep an eye on my coming project of converting a CB to use for electrolysis. I am going to convert a Midland 1001Z CB to use for electrolysis.

Oh I know that the most laser machines on the internet are scams when these are sold for a thousand dollar. I was looking at an actual laser machine and there are some used ones going for ten thousand dollars or more. If the laser works much easier for very large areas, then I would probably invest on it. It is still much cheaper than get myself and my partner getting a laser removal by the professionals. So, that is where I am boggling on which is easier and which one is the best for my money. I also am not so sure if it is legal for us to buy one as a personal use.

I will love to see you make the videos and that will make us understand much better on how this DIY work. :slight_smile:

your larger problem would be buying it to use on people other than yourself.

I do not intend to use on the other people than my partner and myself, because I am not going to take a risk for the others. I do not feel comfortable doing that. I have done so many excellent piercings and scalpellings on myself for over many years and I have yet try doing it on the others or even to try to be a piercer just because I am not interested in taking a risk besides myself.

Please don’t jump to the conclusion. I came on here for the honest advices and the tips. We are just too embarrassed to go into a hair removal clinic.

in some states, you cannot buy a laser machine without some sort of license. what kind of machines have you seen for $10k?

please read the FAQs on laser below. Laser is a better option for large areas ONLY if they have dark coarse hair. Laser doesn’t work well on fine hair. Electrolysis definitely involves a lot of commitment to learn to do properly and with relative speed.

If you’re willing to spend $10K on a laser machine, I think you will be much better off finding a good clinic with a good laser and tech with a competitive price. You can get a very good deal for all those areas and it would probably cost less than $10K. Can you list all areas you would like to treat on both people? What type of hair is on each area? where are you located? We can help you calculate how much it will cost so you can compare. Be aware that you would also need to pay for training to use the machine as well as upkeep of the machine. There are several parts that need to be kept in check and replaced etc regularly which costs money.

10,000 would be enough to get a pre-paid package for the work you seek to have done in electrolysis. Why would you want a machine you don’t really know how to use, and would be abandoining when you are done (or give up)?

Thanks for guiding