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HI gang,
just wanted to have my say on Home Electro kits that use pads.
I know a lot of people have said that they are scams but I am currently (excuse the pun!) using a system called Soft Touch made by Elysee here in the UK. I think the States version is E-pen. Anyhow, I have only used it a few times (probably 4-5 and very sporadically) but I think I’m getting results!! :grin:
Started with underarms, using the pads and initially I used 2-3 Pad applications to get all the little buggers but now I am down to using 1!! This is over a period of roughly 6 months (with shaving in between when I couldn’t be bothered plucking/epliating. Anyhow as I said, there is definately a difference that can’t be put down to constant root removal, also the hair appears thinner (I’m not saying that its baby soft or anything,just thinner than it was). I also did a test patch on my shin 6 months ago with just one treatment and, although I have shaved/waxed the area many times since then there is again, a definately sparser patch within the area.

So what are people thoughts on that???!!

(In case anyone wondered, I have dark hair with pale skin and wouldn’t consider my hair type to be the sort that would disappear without good reason!!!)

Unless you’ve got photographs to compare from, thinking it looks “thinner” or “sparser” might make you feel better, but can very easily be incorrect. Trying to remember what your hair actually looked/felt like several months ago is really very difficult.

The real indicator would be if you could manage to permanently remove all hair, if even from a small spot, and it didn’t come back even over a long period of time. Not cut down the number of hairs, not made them thinner, but actually got rid of every last one, even if it was just in an area of a few square inches.

Anything short of that, and you’re relying on being able to make distinct judgements of relative hair frequency/quality without any objective source to compare to.

Hi StarDawn-- welcome and thanks for the comment.

There are too many variables to make a very accurate assessment, it seems. Your perceived result may be from the plucking.

The true test would be to do nothing to one area and see if it is still clear 6 and 12 months after your last treatment. No one since 1959 has reported this for electric tweezers, and no one since the early 1990s has reported this for transdermal methods.

My guess is the improvement would have looked similar with or without the patch method.

Hi all,
thanks for the advice. When using the product it seemed like there was a reaction taking place (pads eroded over time) so I thought it was working. I have plucked and waxed legs before and noticed no difference in hair growth.

I am now considering getting the One Touch but would like to know if it TRUELY works and how long it would take. Do the treated hairs fall out on own or do they have to be plucked? Also can i get it in the UK? I think i remenber seing similar machines in the past but can@t seem to locate any now (safety reasons?).
any advice would be great!
bye for now!

A device with a hair-thin metal probe inserted into the follicle is the only home-use method available today with proven permanent results. They are harder to find in England, because several medical journal articles recommended against their use in the past. You can order one online through, though some feel their overseas shipping is fairly high.

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