DIY - Diathermy, Galvanic or Blend for a TS face


I am thinking about doing my electro at home and am wondering what machine to buy.
I’m married to a qualified nurse who has been doing her own electro with her own battery operated galvanic machine for some years.
I’ve been looking for professional second hand machines on, but so far, unless I have missed one!, I have only seen a Sterex diathermy epilator.
I know Sterex is a good brand and the price bid is well within my budget of £300 ($500), but it uses a diathermy.
I know that diathermy or blend is recommended for use on us TS women, but this advice refers to electro carried out by professionals and not DIY’ers.
Iam also aware that it can cause skin damage when used in inexperienced hands.
Before I commit to buying a machine, I just want to check peoples’ opinions on whether diathermy really is a risk for a DIYer, (even someone who already has experience with galvanic), and whether I would be better off going for a Galvanic epilator.
I am sure blend would be the best optin, but I doubt my finances are going to stretch that far unless I can find a secondhand machine for less than £300 (so far no luck).

I only have blonde hair left on my face, and some of this is fine hair. I have had quite a bit of IPL:-
5 sessions of Aculight with did nothing for me.
1 session of Epilight Ellipse which did do something.
6 sessions of Lightsheer which seems to have been quite successful and removed most of my dark hair.

Thanks in advance,


See if you can get someone (maybe from the US) to sell you a blend epilator. That way, you at least have the ability to do galvanic, blend and thermolysis.

I would suggest that you increase your budget and seek out nothing less than a blend unit. A blend machine can do galvanic, blend and diathermy.

Once a person gets used to the insertions, they are safer for trying diathermy/thermolysis, but one must learn how to make a proper setting, and if they achieve any speed, how to work with an automatic treatment delay sensor.

The better the machine you get, the more comfortable the treatments will be, as long as a reasonable understanding of the use of the machine and general electrology exists.

Thankyou for the reply James.

My partner, being a nurse and having used a galvanic machine for about 25yrs, feels she would be competent enough to use a thermolysis machine. However, I respect your concerns and I too am a little doubtful about the risks from skin damage, although she is quite competent using her own little machine.

The problem, in the UK, is finding a used blend machine and most sellers on ebay only seem to want to sell within the states only. I will have to see what comes up and ask the seller if they will ship to uk.

I am also looking at purchasing a new machine here in the UK, it will have to be cheap though <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> and I’ve been looking at a blend machine from
Bio Clinique or a Sterex blend machine for just a little more.


I am a DIY’er removing a beard that has graduated from simple galvanic to using a blend approach. Galvanic was great to learn with, though after a while, the 40+ second intervals were just too long to make progress. The results were good though.

I found a 1990, pre-computerized blend capable machine on eBay for about $100 US. My treatment time is now less than fifteen seconds per hair…almost three times as fast. I have not had very many over-treatment incidents, though I have had a few. Typically they occur when the insertion to too shallow or I apply a bit extra time to a stubborn hair. I try to be real discipled now, acknowledging that I may need to re-treat later rather than risk skin damage.

Go for the blend,

A new sterex blend machine here in the uk cost £770 + vat Gayle, you will have to prove you are qualified before any company will sell you a machine, though as your partner is a nurse she may be able to use her qualification to get you one, some companies like to see insurance documents.
If you can get to one of the trade shows, you will proberly be able to purchase vat free and with very few questions asked,next show is in London in september (if I remember correctly)
I might add that even though I have given the above advice,I do not endorse DIY electrolysis and firmly believe it should be left to the professionals, Here in the uk ,premises where electrolysis is carried out need to be registered with local councils and hefty fines are given for those who do not do so