disregard: just a test

I’m just testing to see how photobucket places my photos to this site. I will post again if these look like I want them.

Hi Michael, I know you’re just testing but perhaps I can help.

Just copy/paste the IMG code photobucket generates for you in the reply box.

I can also tell you the UBB forum requires uppercase IMG in those tags. With proper tags, it looks like this:

Wow, Caith, that is what I’m trying to do.

Can you define:
IMG code? (in Photobucket?)
Post in who’s “reply box? Hairtells?
What is the UBB forum?
IMG? Tags?

Once I get going with this, I’m just going to show you the folks that are getting zapped.

If you feel like a PM (private message) — feel free.

When you’re on Photobucket, there are several HTML tags under each photo. Try each one. The last (4th?) one embeds the photo as Cath did instead of showing the link.

Hi Michael,

This is a UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board) based forum, so it uses UBB code tags such as [IMG] to display images in posts.

So in HairTell’s reply/post box, whenever you want to insert a photo, rather than just the link to it, you need the put the link in IMG tags. Conveniently sites like photobucket auto generate this, so all you need to do is copy it and paste it in.

This is a print screen showing you where it is on your photobucket. Please click the following photo to have it open in a separate page and full size, so that you can see the bit I’ve highlighted.

Michael, the “UBB code tags” are a variant of the so called BBCODE tags - short text snippets in a special syntax telling the forum software how to format the text enlcosed in these tags. The syntax differs only slightly across different forums - so once You have understood the concept You’ll be able to format in many different forums. See here:


Here a test of me - the tags do not need to be in upper case; they can also be lower case:

If you click on the last “IMG” value surrounded by the red box in the Photobucket picture posted by stoppit above, it will automagically :slight_smile: be copied to your Windows clipboard. Then, in any of the Reply boxes here at HairTell, just press CTRL-V to paste the copied text directly into your post, or right-click in the Reply box and select “Paste”.

If you’re a Mac user (and I wouldn’t be surprised :wink: ) I imagine your copy and paste keystrokes will be different, but they should function the same way.

Yes, guilty: Mac user since 1987! My first Mac (my IIcx) had a 40 megabite hard drive and 1 megabite of ram. It cost $5,200 … my God how times have changed.

Vielen Dank Beate. ich habe angst (nicht viel) … warum ist alles so schwer zu machen?

Change? What change? You can still spend $5,200 at the Apple Store on a computer. :grin:

Bild markieren, Apfel-C und Apfel-V sollte auch gehen.

But the BBCODES offer far more possibilities, which sometimes are useful.

BTW, the builtin editor of this forum can also insert images. Just look at the menu of the forth editing button. After chosing an option You are asked for the URL of the image (its location in the net).

Luckily we have the choice to do it manually or driven by a simple menu interface.
It is like epilating - we have the coice between machines/modes hiding everything to the operator (chosing “Face 8” and the like…), and we can adjust our parameters manually.