Discovery Channel to do show on hair removal injuries, etc.

If you’ve been injured in a hair removal procedure and would like to speak about it on TV, check out the note I got on 23 September 2002:
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1.) Nik Robinson
2.) Film Garden Entertainment and the Discovery Channel
4.) 4146 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91602
5.) 818-301-4572
6.) Producer

I am doing an hour-long documentary for the Discovery Channel on cosmetic surgery gone wrong, and I was hoping to get permission to post on your site a call for anyone who had severe complications from laser hair removal. I would also appreciate any assistance you might be able to lend. We had been planning to work with Terri Bowling in Pittsburhg, but she’s ill and probably won’t be better in time.

For the record, we completely understand that done propertly, this can be a safe process, but we need to show what can happen when it’s done improperly.

I would appreciate your help.


Nik Robinson
Film Garden Entertainment
(818) 301-4572
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