Disappointing Start - Feedback needed please !

Hi All

I am 30 years old MALE, South asian with a skin type V. I have thick dense hair all over my face and i thought it would make me a very good candidate for LHR. I started getting laser treatment on my face as I’m particularly concerned that daily shaving is causing hyperpigmentation and a permanent 5 o clock shadow.

I have had 2 treatments so far (using soprano XL and soprano XL Blue),results are extremely disappointing. The settings used were 6J in the first treatment and 7J in the second treatment.

I have not seen any shedding ( maybe its because I’ve had to continue shaving every day for work ?? ). I cannot see any noticable difference in hair on my face in the last few months, and none of my friends or even my girl friend have noticed anything ( I didnt tell anyone cos I wanted to see if anyone would notice ).

I would really appreciate any input from all you lovely people out there…

Should I go in for a third with the Soprano XL Blue ?


Try and YAG ?

Please help :slight_smile:


I can’t comment on the settings but in general the Soprano does not have great reviews on here. Some even go as far as to say it’s a piece of junk. If you search, you can find posts by other users on their experiences.

You should find a reputable clinic with a recognised YAG laser. Preferably somewhere with a Cynosure or Candela machine.

And even if you shave everyday, you will definitely notice shedding as your face should start becoming smooth as the hair falls out. I would recommend you read the threads on treating the beard area though and the possible patchiness that may occur… the things that you can do to minimise this. And read the electrolysis part of the forum as you may need to go in that direction to tidy up/even out when you’re done with Laser.

Thanks a lot stoppit.

Can anyone please recommend a good clinic in London with the YAG ?

Also, I’m worried about the pain and the Risks (burning etc). I found the Soprano to be quite painful, though manageable. Luckily, no adverse reaction on the skin. There was some redness which subsided within the first few hours.

I would say , dont run after these hair removal gimmicks. You would end up spending time, money and you would get anxiety, constant worrying, fear, lost focus from work in return and most of the hairs(or may be more) would return back sooner or later to haunt you ( or laugh at you). I underwent electrolysis for 1 year and this is my conclusion.

WOW. That is disappointing.

Dude I read your posts that it is disappointing that things didn’t work for you. However, I think enough people have had success for me to give it a shot ?

Anyone else agree ?