I had my first Lightsheer Diode Laser 4 days ago on my upper lip,chin and neck(light skin level 3 I think,with very black coarse hair)!! I had Emla on for an hour before and it helped alot. With the exception of the upper lip, that hurt like hell :frowning: Also is it normal to get pimples in the treated areas? I was only told about whiteheads. Thanks

Dear Bebba:

I have been in the Permanent Hair Removal Profession full time for 45 years: Please ask your laser practitioner to put into writing your hair will be permanently removed! They can’t but a good electrologist can. Please click to ElectrolysisInformation.com and read it carefully before you have further treatment.

thanx finogior
I still don’t have any answers to my questions though. :frowning:
And by the way>> this is a great site!! Keep up the good work everyone

Your experience is normal do not panic! What you are seeing is most likely singed hairs and they may take 2-4 weeks to work themselves out. The Lightsheer so throughly and deeply heats the hairs that they may stick in the follicle for awhile. You will not see regrowth in 4 days. Either the hairs were missed during treatment or they are working themselves out. Any regrowth will usually occur within 1-2 months.

It is not unusual to have some pimples after treatment. They’ll go away, don’t worry.


Thanks for the reply, that does make me feel better!! :smile: