Diode Vs Diode ( Lightsheer ) please help

I’m gonna go and start having LHR. There are two places that I have narrowed it down too but I’m unsure which to go to.

One specialises in Hair removal and is a proper clinic and they use the Diode.

The other place is a super store chain called Boots. They use the Diode ( Lightsheer )

Are there any differences between these laser and which one you recommend me to go to.


There are differences between one Diode to another as well as comparing a YAG to a YAG or IPL to IPL. Tell us more info about the Diode at the clinic, name brand, etc. vs Light Sheer.

Here are the key things:
Pulse width
Spot Size
Fluence (J/CM2)

and don’t forget price of treatment and experience of the user.

Practitioner skill is more important than type of laser. I’d go to the one recommended by someone who’s done and happy, or if that’s not an option, to the one with the most experience and biggest number of clients treated.