Difficulty treating the clavicle & chest area

I’ve been having electrolysis on the face, neck, chest and stomach for the past couple of years and am thankfully nearing completion in most areas. There is just one particular part of the body which both electrologists I see seem to struggle treating, which is the clavicle (by this I mean the U-shaped dip in the collar bone underneath the neck) and those hairs on the upper chest and across the collar bone.

These hairs grow upwards towards my neck and can be difficult to reach as my head gets in the way. Electrologists seem to struggle to get the right angle for insertion and, when they do reach the hairs, they don’t release easily once treated. Although the hairs in this area are relatively sparse (as compared to my chin or neck), growth here doesn’t seem to have reduced much compared other areas and I think this must be down to unsuccessful treatment/plucking rather than killing.

I’m just wondering if its common for this area to be troublesome to treat? and if anyone has any tips for better insertions in this area? Might it be that the hairs are just stronger here and so need to have the current increased to ‘kill’ them properly?

How long are the probe holders your electrologist is using? There are really short stubby ones (2 inches, possible even a smaller one) that make insertions under the chin easier.

I’m not sure to be honest, its just the same needle she uses to work on my chin and neck. I’m going to my appointment today so I’ll check with her. So you think a shorter needle might make insertions on the chest and collarbone easier?

I think that I love pink was suggesting that your electrologist buy a SHORT PROBE HOLDER CORD, not a short needle. Does your electrologist know about this site?

Who are you getting treated by? I’m sure Northern forum users would love to know seeing as you’ve almost finished the core of your treatments.

Putting a bend in the needle to get into difficult areas is a common practice. A short probe holder will help as well. The electrologist must not be shy about moving in close and resting his/her arms on the client to gain better access to the hair follicle.

It sounds like you are right on about your electrologists not getting the right insertion angle. If I’m visualizing this correctly, you can easily help them by flipping around on the treatment table, so that your head and feet change sides. That should do it.

Good luck!