different types of practitioners

Could someone please tell me what the difference is between all of the different types of certifications for people who do electrolysis (like CPE, CME, RC, etc.) Is there any i should avaoid or look for

First off, no certification or badge, or star on their forehead will tell you without shopping around that this one practitioner is better than any other. I wish it were not this way, but it is.

Nothing replaces doing the footwork of seeing as many as you can, and figuring out which one(s) are the best available to you, and who will do what you want done, in the way that best suites you.

CPE = Certified Professional Electrologist, An Internationally recognized credential created by The American Electrology Association and the Chauncey company that made the SAT, and many other professional educational tests (LSAT, GRE, MCAT) A person who passes this test is allowed to practice in most places in the world with little or no further testing. That being said, some people have passed this test and still are lousy at the hands on job of performing electrolysis.

RE & LE = Registered Electrologist, and Licensed Electrologist, Depending on your locality, they either register electrologists, or license them. These credentials only state that the practitioner is in compliance with the local rules. In some places that means they went through vigorous challenges to get that title, in others, it means they know someone who got them a ticket to charge money for this without much proof of ability. What the deal is where you live is something you should make it your business to find out.

CCE = Certified Clinical Electrologist, A test that is mailed out to the proctor of your choice who is trusted to make sure that you take the test fairly, and return it for grading. Theoretically if you can pass this test, you should be able to pass the CPE, however, since the test is not secure, you never know if your CCE passed on merits, or cheated.

CME = Certified Medical Electrologist, a misrepresentation of double talk, since this credential is really meant to blur the distinction between Electrologists and practitioners of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. To get this credential, you must already have a current CPE, or CCE and sit for a test on the practice of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER)for the purpose of Hair Removal. I would not be too trusting of this credential either just because one could possibly cheat their way to the CCE, and then pay for a two day course to prep for the CME with the owner of the test, and then sit for the test at the end of the class. I will say, however, that I am not saying that anyone with this credential is untrustworthy, I am just saying that the credential itself is no guarantee.

PCE = Professional Certified Electrologist, another mail order test that, theoretically, if you can pass that, you should be able to pass the CPE, but we don’t know if you took it fair and square, or had it mailed to your aunt, the church secretary and spent the week doing the test open book and sent it back. Needless to say, they chose their name in order to cause confusion with the CPE.