different kind of ingrown hair

i have a lot ingrown hairs on my legs. some of them are the kind that i’ve read about and understand, where the hair curls over and grows as a little bump underneath the skin, and i’m going to try and mix up my some tend skin kind of stuff tonight and use it, but i’ve also got these other ingrown hairs that i don’t quite understand how they work and am not sure if the tend skin stuff will work for them: they are not little bumps, it’s actual hair that continues to grow as if it were a normal hair, but underneath my skin, so that i can see the length of the hair and everything. they seem to be pretty deep, because i try to exfoliate my legs as much as possible and i still can’t get at them. there are a few that i swear i’ve had for a year, they just won’t surface! i don’t know what to do about them, they look horrible! does anyone have any advice?

My advice is just get a needle nose tweezer and pluck them out, or they will continue to grow like that forever. If you can see the hair through the skin, it isn’t that deep. I’ve had hairs like that , and they usually are quite near the surface.