Different areas get different results?

I tried eight treatments with the alexandrite laser over 15 months on my upper body. I am a man with type II skin and brown hair. I have to say that the results varied quite a bit. For example, I have 90+ percent reduction of the hairs on my lower back and lower abdomen. It looks pretty good in these areas.

However, on my middle back, middle abdomen, and much of my chest, I got about 75% reduction. The hairs that grow back are finer than originally.

Unfortunately, on the upper back, shoulders, sternum and nipple areas, I have very little removal of hair. After every treatment, I get large amounts of pepper spots in these areas. After about six weeks, the regrowth gradually thickens and darkens.

I’ve read various hair removal boards for a while and noticed similar trends on other men. It’s rare to find any man who has anything positive to say about LHR on the face, neck, or shoulders.

yes, this is true. some areas are notoriously harder to treat on men and they need more treatments. also, the finer and more sparse the hair, the harder to treat. for women, the problem area is the face.

Couldn’t agree more. My back is doing quite well, but shoulders and upper arms are showing thinning with no density reduction at best.

give it a year after treatments. Most of us were excited during the course of treatments. But the magic is gone after one year. Tried electrolysis and it does work and hair does not come back. Laser is perfect if you want reduce hair but for full clearence seek electrolysis.

I’m not sure what you mean that laser is useful if you want hair reduction. It seems from your post that it did not reduce your hair growth for long.

I have gone as long as 3 months without a treatment recently, and the regrowth on my abdomen and lower back seemed to stop having additional regrowth after 2 months. The hairs are definitely lighter and finer, and the density is greatly reduced. But the upper parts seem to keep on growing right through 3 months.

To my knowledge, Laser is more efficient on some areas, and armpits are believe to be the most efficient area for laser hair reduction.

My guess is that the skin in armpits are thinner, and armpit areas are generally lighter, hence laser works well.

It might be that your upper back’s skin are thicker than your lower back skin.

Laser does work, but not for everybody. I’ve had laser for about 6 treatments, then I switched to electrolysis and happy with my result.

results depend on type of hair (coarse, fine, sparse, dense) and the area treated due to hormonal stimulation by the body. men’s face, shoulders and upper arms are have the strongest stimulation. for women, it’s the face. easiest areas to treat are underarms, bikini, and legs because the hair is coarse and dense on underarms and bikini areas, and legs are not as highly stimulated.