difference between gentlemax and gentlease mini ?


I was treated previously with a cadella gentleaseMIN (alexandrite) on fluence of 12 on my arms. I went to a new clinic (closer to home) with documentation from my previous clinic of the settings used. At the new clinic they use a candella gentleaseMAX (alexandrite). The nurse told me that she would use a fluence of 9 at most on my arms because the getelaseMAX(alexandrite light) is stronger than the mini. Is this true or was she lying?

Gentlemax is more advanced than the Mini Gentlelase but NOT STRONGER. 9 Joules is way too low of a setting.

Thank you for your reply. You mention that a setting of 9 jouls is way too low on my arms. What should I expect from a treatment at this setting. At this time I am experiencing shedding (3 days post treatment) but its too early to notice any long-term reduction. What jouls would you say is effective.

As I mentioned previously I had fabulous results of permanent reduction from a 12 jouls.

You should have the center do test patches ( 3-4 ) with various settings and pulse widths. Which ever highest setting gives you the BEST REACTION with no skin issues or complications is the setting you should choose. Try 12, 14, 16 joules IF YOUR SKIN can take it and go from there.

Are you skin type 3 or 4 ???