Difference between automatic and manual?

Hello, I’m new to this board and I think it’s great. I was planning to purchase a one touch home unit, but now I’d like to purchase a professional unit to use at home. I was wondering, what is the difference between a machine that is manual and one that is automatic? Also, given that the only thing I know about electrolysis is the various methods (galvanic, thermolysis, blend) how can I train myself to use a professional unit safely and effectively? Is reading the manual enough? Thanks so much and have a great day!

You will need to visit our recommended reading section, and buy at least two (2) of the books listed there. You AND your electrolysis buddy should read both of them cover to cover and they start work on each other.

A manual machine at the very least requires a foot pedal for every treatment, and with some of them, you need to hold down the foot pedal the entire time you want current to be flowing. Automatic machines allow one to set an insertion delay and the machine will activate the current after it counts down the delay time so you have enough time to get your probe situated properly inside the follicle. This increases your speed of epilation as you have one less thing to think, or worry about. If, however, you don’t get the probe situated in the time alloted by the delay, you will have treatment energy fired while the probe is not in the best place for treatment.

Thanks very much! I’ll get to the reading right away