Differcult Pores and Magnifying Lens

I need some answers please! My Electrolysist says that my pores are differcult to get into… is there a reason for this, or are some peoples easier than others? She also says that she doesn’t use a Magnifying Lens because she can’t see the blonde hairs under it. She also will not treat me for anymore than 30 to 45 mins at any one time, this means that I’m not getting full clearance each time (my appointments are weekly)…I’m I right to feel concerned?

This chin hair is a real issue and is really starting to effect my everyday life, I’m finding myself constantly looking in the mirror.

I’d appreciate any advice! Thanks

Where it not for my stereo magnification system I could not treat blonde hairs on a fair skinned person. What she may be lacking is a proper light source to help her see clearly when looking under magnification. It really is a full system that one needs to have to be able to do all the things one might need to do in this profession.

While some people are easier to treat because they have large follicular openings, and or dark hair on light skin, the reason others are harder to treat is because the poor primitive magnification devices utilized by so many have no prayer of showing what one needs to see in order to do anything more than GUESS at where the hole is while you are poking around with that electrified metal!

Are you sure you got sample treatments from everyone in your area? I understand that electrologists like me are not falling off trees, but I got to tell you, my average appointment for someone starting out is three hours, and I do this all day. I must be able to see what I am doing, and the clients must not be all that uncomfortable, otherwise we could not do what we do.

Good luck in your continued search.

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Thanks James! I’ve actually got a consultation with another lady, and will also be having another with someone else after the xmas period. I’ll keep everyone posted!