Did the Nurse Do My Laser Hair Removal Wrong??

Hi everyone.

I just had laser hair removal on my underarms two days ago with the Altus Coolglide I believe (the RN said it was “the coolglide”).

I am supposed to be the “perfect” candidate for LHR as I am very pale with very dark hair.

But two days later it’s like I had nothing done! I wasn’t even red after the treatment. I’m still shaving my underarms. My big problem and reason for getting LHR is that even when I have a clean shave on my underarms it still doesn’t look clean because you can still see the dark hair follicles right under my white skin! And I still look like that!

The RN said I won’t see a reduction in hair until “2 weeks” after the procedure - is this right?!?!

It seems other people here see a difference right away!, why don’t I?

I usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to notice a difference.
I know it’s hard, you want to see a difference NOW!
I still feel that way & I’ve had 5 treatments.
After about 2 or 3 weeks I always feel much better.
Just be patient.