Did laser hair removal reversiable?


I did 2 laser hair removal sessions to define my beard line. the last one was probably 1 year ago.
However, the lady how to treat me did a mistake and went too low on one side of my beard.
Now I can see my real beard lone but it’s a patchy and I can’t really from it and I have to low the beard line every time and it not look so good.
In the missing part I still can see hairs - some of them are vellous and almost unnoticeable but they there and part of them I can see a black dot of stubble hair that just don’t grow and just stay like that - there is chance to those hairs to normalize and to my beard line recover itself in the future? I know that almost 1 year passed but it means it’s over or I still have a chance?

The answers on this are varied.

If your last treatment was more than a year ago, then I think you shouldn’t expect any significant regrowth. However, it is possible that new hairs will appear and current vellus hairs will become terminal hairs as you age.

It may be worth researching into minoxidil and speaking with your doctor, but I have no experience with this.

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The following info just came across & i hv found it interesting. It can be a good advice or it can lead to further complication.