Did I wax correctly?

Hey guys,

I just had a go at waxing my legs, and I’m not too sure if I removed the hair from the root. This is because I’ve just realised that I don’t know what removing hair from the root actually means. Could somebody please define it for me?

I trimmed my leg hair before waxing and When I looked at the hairs on the cotton strip after waxing, I could see a very small quantity of a black jelly-like mass at the base of each hair(my hair colour is black.) Is this correct? Or should there be small a white bulb on the base of the hair after waxing?

If somebody could answer my question that would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

If you have nothing ‘under’ the skin, then your waxing is complete. However, if you see a lot of black spots, then you may have broken a lot of at the skin level…

What you are describing sounds like hair in different stages of growth. Some will have big white bulbs, others will have little on the end, yet others that were ready to shed at the time of the waxing will seem to be broken off. Look at your skin for the real indicators.

Also, when trimming hair for waxing, don’t trim it too short or the waxing effectiveness may be compromised.

Good luck,