Did I permanently "retard" the hair follicles??

So one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made was purchasing an epilator to use on my legs and bikini line. I used it religiously for almost a year. The entire time I was in complete denial about the damage I was doing to my skin. I believed the ‘ingrown hair problem’ was just temporary. I finally wised up and tossed the machine but my skin is a mess with scarring and ingrowns. I’ve since went back to shaving and have not seen any improvement with the ingrown hairs even after 8 months. I cannot remember ever getting an ingrown hair before I started epilating, not even on my bikini line. Now, I get dozens. Could I have permanently damaged the hair follicles?? Will this ever go away? I cannot use Tend skin since I’m pregnant and was told to avoid such products. I will resort to laser hair removal but will have to wait until I can afford it. Any thoughts?

Gently exfoliate your lower legs to encourage skin cell turnover and the problem will resolve over time. You cannot get laser while you are pregnant. Most places have a policy as such against lasing pregnant women for fear that a less than perfect baby will emerge even though it would not be the fault of laser hair reduction. Check out the laser faq’s page and learn all you can while you are waiting to deliver and save money.

You did not permanently damage your hair follicles. It will all resolve over time. Laser can help with any ingrowns that remain stuck, if they are growing hairs.