Diary of a Scandinavian guy

The title of this thread is inspirated from “Diary of a European guy”, that gave me great hope.

My story:
My hair problems started when I was around 15 years. I quickly began to shave, wax and use depilation creams to get rid of the hairs. I think I must have tried literally everything on the market, all the products out there that promised amazing results. When I think back, one of the most ridiculous products must have been a kind of sandpaper that you would rub against your skin. The results promised was a hair free skin for several weeks and after continous use also permanent reduction of hairs. (Of course, this product only resulted in skin irritations and pimples).

My experience with laser started when I was 16.
I wanted a permanent result and laser seemed to promise this.
I was treated by a Diode laser 4 times over a year and was told that each treatment would give about a 20% reduction in hairs. The areas treated was back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, stomach and chest.
The treatments didn’t give any results, and I was told that my hairs didn’t respond to the treatments the way they should.
I had payed for nothing, and there was no chance of getting a refund. She said it was my body that was the problem.

I refused to believe this and went to another laser clinic.
I was told I was the perfect candidate because I had dark hairs and light skin (in reality I have typical scandinavian medium blonde hairs and by nature a tanned skin), but I trusted the technician.
They used an Alexandrite laser. I had 5 sessions, with treatments every 3 months.
Again, this only resulted in a big amount of money spent on absolutely nothing at all.

After another failure of laser and another technician telling me the problem was me and my body, I went back to waxing and shaving thinking there was no permanent solution to my problem.

A year later, by a coincidence, I came accross an IPL clinic. I spoke to the technician. She reassured me that with 4-8 treatments of her IPL device I would be permanently hair free. I was also given a big discount for all the areas I wanted.
I had 10 sessions. No results.
A huge amount of money, time and hope down the drain.
(However, with some help I managed to get a 100% refund of this money, but this is another story).

I continued to live my life waxing and shaving.
Then I came across the great “Diary of a European guy” on this forum and discovered the amazing results of electrolysis.
I began to search for electrologists in my area (and later, also neighbour countries). There wasn’t many, and the majority only confirmed the information I had recieved before; electrolysis only is suitable for a small area, it would take several years to finish and cost an enourmous amount of money for the areas I wanted treated.
One electrologist actually adviced me to search for a laser clinic.

After failures of laser and IPL I had problems trusting a person with the task to permanently remove my hairs, and I decided that the only hands I would trust were the ones writing this amazing diary.
This have turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made and the beginning of a success story.

I made my first journey to Josefa, the author of “Diary of a European guy”, in october and I am soon finishing the second trip now.
The work of Josefa is spectacular. She is amazingly skilled and such a wonderfull person. Her passion for electrolysis is highly contagious. She has already changed my life with the results of her work so far.
I know she didn’t want me to write about her in this thread, but I can’t help not to. She can never get enough credit for her unique work. Anyone to be treated by her is extremely lucky.

This is the beginning of my own diary. I will soon upload photos of the results so far.

I hope my story can help someone :slight_smile:

Yeah keep us posted! Im also looking to get electrolysis after failed laser. Im looking in the UK and would even possibly travel to another country to see an electrologists who can work like josefa. I am booking consultations this week but expect to be told the same you were. So if there is anyone who has time please pm me and will look into flying over.

Thanks for sharing! I am looking foward to see the results =)

Can’t wait boy.

I’m so glad things have worked out. And pretty painless huh? Maybe not the treatment itself but everything else :slight_smile:

I hope that your diary and all the others will inspire more people to take up electrolysis as a profession and strive to offer clients a ‘modern’ standard, where they are not told that “only small areas are suitable”.

It’s helping one person for sure- ME!:stuck_out_tongue: Please continue posting! :slight_smile:

Thats great to hear mumbaigirl! I will definitely keep posting.

Yes Stoppit, everything has been fantastic. Josefa has made me love electrolysis. It is really hypnotizing to see her remove the hairs, and in her speed it is like always watching a sprint at the end of a race.
I totally agree with you. How great it would be if more people would discover the work of electrolysis in large areas as well as small, and maybe be inspired to become an electrologist themselves.
Most people think of laser as the best way to get rid of hairs, they don’t even know electrolysis is a realistic opportunity.
It is a shame, for most people I believe it is the only permanent solution to their hair problems.

Its time to update with some photos.

The hairs on my neck has been one of the priorities. Below you can see why.
The photo to the left is before electrolysis in october 2011 and the one to the right is from february 2012. 4 months after the first treatment.

I didn’t shave or touch my hairs 3 months before the first clearing of electrolysis. This was an advice I got from Josefa. In order to hide the hairs I had to go through a “scarf-period”, but as you can see from the photos above it was absolutely worth it!!

Upper back and shoulders before electrolysis. October 2011:

4 months after the first clearing. February 2012:

The white scars are not from electrolysis, but from teenage acne and years of waxing (that resulted in skin irritations like more acne and ingrowns).

Chest before electrolysis:

Chest 4 months after the first clearing:

Photo of the arm 4 months after the first clearing. You can clearly see where I had electrolysis!



I can’t wait to see the results of the second clearing in a couple of months!

Josefa, you have changed my life. Forever.
I am eternally gratefull to you and your needle.

Wow, great results! I’m so happy for you.

My toes look very similar after 1 clearing! Just a few sparse, small hairs.

Lovely! Thanks for the pictures. They really help! :slight_smile:

How many hours of work did it take btw?

Josefa’s work is spectacular. I am really happy for you boy.Please keep us updated.

Good work. Can’t wait till its my turn to go malaga…roll on summer. Dont Forget me josefa :wink:

VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! I have waited for you to post photos boy1989! But there is a photo missing from the before on back/shoulder?

I have had a 1 hour treatment with the electrologist from Finland. I think he is good, if he give half as good results as Josefa I will be VERY HAPPY! I have mailed you photos of my areas boy1989. Wht do you think? (my hairs are very much similar to your hairs)

Please keep posting your news.

…and how is your hands? how much reduction do you think you have after the first treatment?
(the treatment was on my hand. he did one of my hands in 1 hour. I think this is good speed?)

Seems that one of the photos got deleted.

I’ll try again.

Before (October 2011):

After (February 2012):

I think it took 92 hours for all the areas in the first clearing.

Neck, beard on neck, some hairs on face, back, shoulders, chest, stomach, upper arms, a lot on lower arms, hands, fingers, feet

My hands have got amazing results. I would say 80-90% of the hairs are gone after only 1 clearing!

I have answered your mail GirlFromFinland :wink:

Wow, is this for real ?? It’s unbelievable results, really life changing.

What kind of skin reaction did you have immediately after your treatments and how long did it take to go away? Do you have any pictures of that?

92 hours - did you visit for 1-2 weeks? Also, you mentioned that Josefa told you to leave the hair alone for 3 months before your first clearance. Is trimming one inch above the surface of the skin okay?

Yes it is incredible. I’m in a shock every time I see the photos.

Skin reactions are necessary. I would be very concerned if I didn’t get any temporary reactions. They dissapear after about 1 week.
I had to hide the hairs for 3 months before the treatment, 1 week of side-effects is nothing compared to this.

I stayed for 3 weeks.
Yes you can do that, your electrologist can still see the hairs and treat everything.

I am in shock too boy1989!!

I think Josefa must be number 1 of electrologists! but I hope to get results with my electrologist in Finland also.
You did 92 hours electrolysis in 3 weeks?? wow! I find 1 hour to be enought… you are a strong viking boy :stuck_out_tongue: