Diary of a hairy girl - electrolysis journey. Pics

Hello I’m a 29yo female who is unfortunately growing hair on my chin. Thanks to these forum posts I have decided to go and see an electrologist and am booked in tommorow for 2pm. I have posted photos to show you the extent of my problem and will continue to do so each week before my appointments and maybe some pics of the immediate aftermath of the sting lol. These photos are the result of 4 days growout-for my first appointment. It disgusts me:( and I’m so excited for the pain because I hope it will be worth it in the end. I do not have PCOS. Maybe mild hirsutism since I’m hairy all over (today I plucked one hair from my chin and held against my arm and it just made me sad!!! So much darker. I read in forums about hypertrichosis and I think that may have happened to me since I did have laser on my chin. I’m hoping this wont have a big impact on the folli-killing!!! And electrolysis will work. K bye guys.

Update the red pics are after my first session:) 45 minutes of flash, alot of the the hair got 4 zaps because so thick. The lady was lovely by the way.

Going back next week to finish under the chin and the few stragglers and ones which haven’t quite come out.I will post photos before and after that session aswell.

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I hope they’ll all die and leave you alone. Some people are just unlucky about hair. There was a girl in my school. She made fun of my hair because it looked reddish. I had dyed it back then idk why. Didn’t say much but pointed something out. It was gonna be the last day I see her. She had a light goatee, very noticeable. I would normally fight back in a situation like that but I stayed silent. Didn’t want that to become her nightmare. Sometimes things we say make others turn them into a big problem. Guess I was more nature. I’m 22 now. Just a story. I’m okay if someone has hair and don’t know what to do with it. You don’t know the methods out there or even if you do you can be scared of them when you’re just 18 yo. So many women have them. People shouldn’t really worry about it. Just research and then try to fix it. That’s it. Have a nice day

Laser is NEVER a good choice for female facial hair (or any facial hair in my opinion.) You’ve definitely got some ground to cover, but stick with your electrolysis sessions and I think you will be very pleased.

Looks like my chin after treatments. I was a chronic tweezer for years and my growth was quite a bit denser.

As another client, I will share something that helps me immensely after treatments. First of all, my practitioner gives me a paper towel wrapped ice “pack” each visit. A couple of hours after treatments I get a large shallow plastic cup and fill it to about an inch from the top with very warm water, then I put in one or two teaspoons of Epsom salts, stir well. Lean over, squeeze the cup a bit and then bring it up to your chin, when you quit squeezing you should get a little bit of suction. Depending on the seal you get between the cup and your face, you can lean back and relax for 15 minutes :slight_smile:

Good choice and good luck on your treatments!

Ooh thank you Andrea. Just wondering if I’m in the right forum?

Hiya do you think flash is a good method for my hair?

Hiya do you think flash electrolysis is good for my hair?

Most definitely! So is blend and galvanic. Don’t be tricked into thinking that one method is better than the other. a professional electrologist can make any modality work to destroy hair follicles. Leave the details to her or him.