Dial soap for post-treatment care

Just thought I would pass a new tip I picked up. A new electrologist I’ve been seeing suggested I try plain Dial Antibacterial Liquid Soap for aftertreatment care. She suggested using it (and nothing else) twice a day for about two to three days after the electrolysis.

I have to admit, it’s worked nicely. It dries out the skin a little bit, but I have definitely seen fewer pustules and irritation. It actually works better for me than aloe & tea tree oil. Go figure! Not to say that it’ll work just as well for others, but maybe for people with oiler skin like mine.

For those who can’t afford that much drying of the skin, Cetaphil (or its generic equivilants) will do just as well.

Remember, your electrologist always tells you to keep the treated area clean and dry, as best you can. The Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, and Aloe Cortisone are for extra healing. The Aloe gets you faster skin healing and cooling, the Tea Tree Oil dissolves particles and puss deep into the follicle, and the Aloe Cortisone sooths irritations and stops you from scratching the treatment area.