dial broken

my one touch dial has broken so when i turn it i can tell that only the top is moving (as it moves very easily) while the electronic componenet bit underneath is not.
After opening it up i saw the hole in the component where the plastic dial connects to the electrical setting controller which is filled with broken plastic which has detached itself from the plastic dial.
Ive tried turning the electrical component with a screwdriver but its impossible although because it broke while i was on dial 2, electrolysis still works.
any idea how i could fix this or should i persevere with setting number 2?

not shore, but i remember breaking the dial on one of mine and it was never to work again:( was real sad

If You know any person with the slightest experience of electronics, it will be quite easy for him/her to repair the unit, but the original dial will have to be replaced.

You can also try to heat the edge of a screwdriver of appropriate size and try melting a slot in the plastic that allows You to turn the variable resistor with a screwdriver. Even if that fails, it will still be possible to replace the variable resistor with a new and better one.

The parts are too small to try to fix. I had mine break too. You can buy a 10k potentiometer from Radio Shack for about $3 and wire it in place of the existing pot and still use the device. Of course, setting 2 is a good setting and you can certainly continue to use the device at just that setting, just varying the time of treatment to be effective.

my problem usually comes in the form the thin metal band usually rusts/eroads/wears off

I’ve wrapped aluminum foil around a few to make them last longer sometimes.

I’m thinkin of maybe there’s some sort of electrical tape or spray on metal that may help thickin it…

anyone know of such a substance or somethin to thikin the metal band? thanks

These devices are made as cheaply as possible. The goal of the manufacturer is to make as much money as possible, therefore, there is no incentive to improve the product.

Can’t you send them back for repairs? If they do not support their customers that should be a clue as to what to expect from the device. These cheap gadgets do NOT work effectively. If you want permanent removal you will have to see a professional eventually. The real problem is …some of you have a medical problem that can be treated to prevent more hair from growing in. The delay in getting proper medical care is going to be very expensive in the long run.

If you have a medical disorder your medical insurance will cover electrolysis. I have been reimbursed by a number of companies and HMOs too. You are cheating yourself if you do not take advantage of the policy you have.

Although these devices are made cheaply, they CAN work effectively. I’ve proved that to myself. At $30, they are not designed to be repaird, but just replaced.

The best solution to avoid pitting to the metal band is to never let the salt solution contact it. Attach a wire to it and a salty sponge on the other end, which you can step on as a switch. See www.NoHair.info for more info.

ive decided to get rid of it and buy a new one as the setting is too low for me and im not really a electronic expert!

btw if most hairs grow back (not all) does that mean it wont work or does it mean i need to do it a few more times to make it permenant

If most hairs grow back, it indicates that you need more practice. With experience, you should achieve about a 90% success rate (at least that’s been my experience). If you get good lye production, you’re at the proper depth, and the hair can then be removed with practically zero force, then you’ll probably never get regrowth from that hair. Practice will get you to the point that you know that you’ve been successful in killing the hair. If you do a hair improperly, then it still will grow and you’ll need to retreat the hair again until you get it right to make it permanent.