DHEA Supplements & Body Hair Regrowth

Does anyone know the effects of taking DHEA supplements and hair removal efforts? I would hate to be spending time and money on body hair removal only to have it grow back from taking a supplement.

DHEA is an androgen/testosterone,(dehydroepiandrosterone) sp?. Yes, it can stimulate new hair to grow. There is little known about DHEA supplementation and it’s long term effects on the different organs and body systems. Reports of increased incidents of cancer have been hinted at for organs like breast and prostate for those that take DHEA supplements.

Since it is an androgen you can develop the acne and facial hair growth along with other numerous side effects associated with circulating androgens.

Are you interested in this drug for it’s anti-aging claims or for bodybuilding purposes?

Mostly for the anti-aging properties. But, if there’s any chance of increased body hair growth AND a chance of cancer, I WILL PASS! Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome, X. It is a testosterone and we all know what side effects could possibly occur when testosterone is floating free around the bloodstream. I don’t think I’d risk it either. Work on staying young in your heart as that’s what really matters. This kind of stuff goes against common sense and gives me the chills. Kind of like cloning. Too sci-fi for me.

On the television show “Dr. G: Medical Examiner” there was the autopsy of a women who took too much DHEA and died in her sleep because it irritated her heart. She was one of those kinds who thought taking huge quantities of health-store pills would keep her young forever. Alas, didn’t work out that way. Goes to show you the dangers inherent in tampering with the body.