Hello. My name is Jessica and I am looking for a referral for the DFW area in Texas (preferably the FW area). I’ve been dealing with my problem for about 11 years now (I’m 26) and I am so ready to use my razor below the neck only! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure if you have heard of it, but there is a place called Electrology2000 or E2000 in the Dallas/Carrolton area. They work primarily on M2F beards, with very severe cases, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. They only require about 6 visits spread out over 9-12 months because they completely clear the area each time. However, by completely clearing it each time it generally leaves some scabs, redness, and swelling (from what I understand…somebody correct me if I’m wrong) that lasts a few days. That may not be ideal for you, but it is an option. As far as any other practice in Dallas I can’t say. I do know of someone in Austin if you are willing to travel. Go to the American Electrology Association’s website at www.electrology.com and search for electrologists in the DFW area. You can also search at [wrope dot com] but I think that it will give you more or less the same list as the AEA. Nobody here has probably used anybody that will come up on those sites but it can give you names of people to try. Hope that helps. If you need anything more let us know.

[electrolysisbyrosemary dot com]