Developed a small crease

I seem to have developed a small crease in my chin, I’ve been having a weekly 30 mins electrolysis session for the past 8 weeks on my chin area. The strength is upto a 6 using a ISIS Epilator Modular and it is not painful, nor have I been having any scabbing and very little swelling. Is it possible that the area has been over treated with a too higher temperature?, it was on 5 but the lady said that the hair was resisting so she turned it up a notch. I’m now wondering whether to look for another electrolysis! Maxine

I am having electrolysis done on my eyebrows, at the bridge and I am noticing small creases forming too. I think that there is actually swelling in the region even though it isn’t red and this is causing the crease. I did get some enlarged pores that do shrink eventually but are still larger than they were before.

Your pores will always seem to be bigger after electrolysis because you are now looking at an empty hole instead of one filled with a stalk springing forth from it.

I am more conserned with this creasing the two of you discribe. That does sound like possible overtreatment. When adjacent follicles are overtreated, the collapse of the dermis leads to wrinkling of the skin. The treatmens setting, and/or the insertion depth must be addressed.

Hello ,James!

Will the crease disappear in the long term? I have also notice some crease in my treated area, and thar area were dry out.

Without pictures, I cannot comment on this situation. I just don’t know what I am talking about. I would not want to tell you the wrong thing here.

Thanks James.

I will try to send a picture to you, then you can take a look at it!

At my electrologist’s office yesteday, i started talking to another lady who has been having electrolysis for years aiming at removing every single hair from her face even the finest ones that a naked eye could hardly see. she told me that she likes overdoing it with thermolysis not only for the hairfree effect, but also because she has noticed that her skin becomes fresher and more youthful looking. she is a doctor, and she claimed that the heat generated by thermolysis stimulates collagen production and as a result her skin looks rejuvenated.

Any tissue injury in the skin leads to that effect, however, some people have an over active healing responce and get keloids from tissue injury that requires large scale knitting work for the skin, or if the skin gets a staph infection.

One doesn’t have to “overdo it” to get this benefit. Your skin will look better if you just have competent work. Acne will reduce, or disappear, and a more youthful appearance will result. Many of my clients (especially males) get asked if they have had a face lift when their electrology is in the later stages.