Desperate for advice

Hello everyone! I will try to make things short for you.
I’m 25, male, student. I started my “hair journey” 3 years ago. I invested a lot of money and precious time. Struggled with low self esteem, long t-shirts, skipped chances of going to the beach…
I was never hairy, just wanted to be hairless in certain areas (chest, stomach arms, back of neck, shoulders).
Been doing laser treatments (with Lightsheer duet) in the mentioned areas. with no significant improvments, excepet the arms.
Tried also electrolysis and ipl (at saloon) which helped but couldnt stick and continue with it.
Today I still go on the laser treatments once half a year, which I think have made me much hairier in other areas. While looking for different methods I encountered the home IPL equipment and ordered the Philips Lumea precision which have done wonders! However its main disadvantage is that it takes me a lot of time to make the sessions in the mentioned areas. It is hard to reach certain places due to the handleing of the machine. I am a medicine student and I need that precious time! The other issue is that it I have started developing a back acne and I think it is due to the usage of the Lumea on my back and shoulders.

I tried to make my story as short as possible. My questions is that:

  1. What do you reccomend regarding the continous usage of my IPL home device and the lasrer appointments that I have?
  2. I saw on youtube an electrologist called Josepha who showed tremendous improvement on hair reduction just after one treatment. Do you know by a chance another electrologist in EUROPE that can have the same results? I prefer somewhere in eastern europe or midcenter europe.

Thank you for reading so far :slight_smile:

I can only answer for the first question you have. Home IPL devices as well as salon grade devices only offer a temporary solution. They sort of “stunt” the hair growth. So now you’ll see good results. But eventually, say, 6+ months down the road hair will start returning slowly. And eventually you’ll be nearly back to the same way you started.

Why did you not continue with electrolysis? There are no shortcuts or magic wands. You must see it through to the end. There are NO quick fixes. Answers: 1) Personally I do not think IPLs and/or home methods work very well. You might achieve some permanent hair reduction, but in the end electrolysis (permanent hair removal) will be required to finish you up. 2) Someone else will need to chime in with a recommendation. Good luck.

You can ask a user whose nickname is “hairyeuropeanguy”.
Maybe he can help you.

Josefa M. Reina used to participate in this forum. She has been one of those who put ELECTROLYSIS on the map again.

It’s what "we’ do. I mean the "guy way’ to hair removal … and a few women too (not so many; women are more thoughtful).

What I mean is, men usually jump at a hair-removal solution before diligently researching the issue: an issue that is chockfull of "bombs.’ We spend a small fortune, invest time on "the latest technology’ … it doesn’t work (or makes it worse), and THEN (after being screwed) we start asking questions. My average male client has spent between $2,000 - $5,000 on worthless treatments before even realizing THE RIGHT QUESTIONS to ask!

Would you get on a plane and not know where the damned thing was going?

That’s what you’re doing … so, just stop it and regroup. But ask the right questions and get REAL answers from the person who is going to perform treatments on you.

The two categories of people that continually make the "jump first’ error are (most) men, and women who have lots of hair. The common denominator is "being desperate.’ The more intense your hair problem, the more likely you are to make very EXPENSIVE mistakes. Clients getting ripped-off makes me angry. But in many cases, they are also at fault … for being an uninformed patient.

The key here is your asking about “home IPL” or IPL in general. This tells me you don’t have a clue, so far, and have done little “homework.” Just get started and get real data and ask REAL questions like: how much, how long and what is the guarantee?

Also, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale (only Americans will understand this one). Okay, how about a nice super-charged BMW?

Anyone know how many zaps you get out of these things until you need to buy a new bulb? How much is the bulb replacement? Anyone?

nope, though googling it will come up with the answer .