...desperate and tired teen...help

i feel so tired of this situation of mine. as you can see most of my posts are about armpits becuase it’s the area where i struggle with. I’m a mildly hairy girl but i can deal with it but my armpits are just blah. it’s the only area that need to be resolved. i did everything… shaving, waxing, sugaring, plucking, cream, soap.i’ve decided to go to my last resort LASER! been doing research about laser since i heard it removes the shadow of the pit (which has been the problem for me) and i found a couple very good clinics (one of them is in a hospital) so i told my mom about it. She thought i was being ridiculous. i spent all day trying to persuade her and i just had a breakdown. She refuses to let me because of my age. I am 15. i kept telling her that there are teens my age that do laser.
anybody tell my mom that please!! i’m going to show her this post. ANY TEENS OUT THERE WITH LASER TREATMENTS???
i feel better already just telling my depressing day. hopefully my mom will change her mind…
any posts would help.

I’m a male, and certainly no expert on hormones in teenage females. But if you’re only 15, would your hair be fully developed yet? That is, if you’re still producing new follicles, lasering the current ones will do no good when another batch appears straight after.

Probably not what you wanted to hear… sorry!

i’m positive it’s not hormones. it’s in the genes. My family on my mom’s side has this problem and saw excellent results with laser.