Dermatologist or Spa?

Hi, after years of putting it off, I’m finally thinking of going for laser hair removal. My main reason for not having done it sooner is the cost, which seems to run into hundreds of dollars per treatment. When all is said and done it would probably cost me over $5,000 to do my full legs and bikini area.

Anyway, my question is this: do you think it’s worth it to spend the extra money and go to a dermatologist who does laser hair removal, or are there spas that offer cheaper pricing that are safe and do a good job? I’m not trying to be cheap but it’s just so expensive. I don’t even look at laser treatment as being a luxury (as many of my friends seem to think) because waxing and shaving just don’t work well on me and the hair is just so thick that it’s embarrassing. Any advice or information anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. :smile:


My experience is that the whole bussiness of laser hair removal is a bit of a rip off .The so called technicians seem to be anyone who can do a 2 day course and put up with the monotany of preforming this boring repetative task week in week out and still be able to hold enought concentration to do the job correctly.
The prices charged do not in anyway relate to the ammout of training , skill are capital expenditure required to purchase and opperate this type of equipment. It is yet again the private sector praying on peoples fears and the expectaion of what is pysically exceptable in society for a big profit . So like usuall it comes with a rather large price tag.
Everyone reacts differently to the laser . The most inportant things are firstly
Read up as much as you have time for.
Have several test patch’s done ,make a note of the laser ,energy levals and results,Then go for what suits you the best,And do not think that just because you are paying top dollar you are getting the best service. The profit margine in this game is obsene.

I am certainly not going to say that Laser Techs are not making any money. I am also not going to say that doctors who do laser, or the people who employ laser techs don’t make any money. I will, however point out that with many laser folks paying $3,000.00(US) per MONTH in lease and royalty fees, they have no choice but to charge an arm and a leg per treatment.

Many people have gone bankrupt trying to utilize this method in their business.

My recommendation is do more homework, search. Go to somewhere you feel comfortable and affordable with and don’t trust all their advertisements.


I am currently undergoing treatments with the Lightsheer and decided I wanted a physician operating the laser for this reason and also because I was worried about being burned. I am sure that there are some spa aestheticians who are very competent with the laser, but you are much more likely to get the best results if you find an MD who is also experienced with laser hair removal. IMHO, laser is much too painful to go through not to get good results!

I am like you in that I feel that laser is a necessity – have fair skin and coarse dark hair that looked like a man’s heavy beard hair and gave me a 5 o’clock shadow look under my arms, even when freshly shaved. I had to shave all these areas every day, and they still looked bad. I’ve had two bikini, lower leg and underarm treatments and so far, I am very pleased. I am about 5 weeks past the 2nd underarm treatment, and the hair there is much much finer and I can go a week or more without shaving. For my underarms, I am paying $250 a treatment, and I may or may not continue as I am happy with my results so far. (I will have to see if more hair starts growing back in over time.) For the lower legs and bikini I was able to purchase a package of 5 treatments for $3300. I see results with the bikini and lower legs, but so far not quite as dramatic as the underarms.

My ultimate goal with this is not necessarily not to shave at all – although that would be great --but the expense, pain and time are well worth it if I get to stop being a slave to the razor …

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded to my post. I agree that I should do more research and try to get as much information as possible. It’s something I would really like to do soon but I guess I should be careful and research spas, doctors, etc. instead of just rushing into it. I guess I’m just a little anxious because I feel like I’ve been dealing with this problem for so long.

Anyway, thanks again. :smile: