Has anyone heard about the product called Dermatek from Anticancer? I heard about this on another site. It claims is stops the hair cell from dividing. This seems like this would stop the hair from growing. It was developed for chemotherapy patients. The website is

There is a lot of interesting overlap between cancer drugs and hair growth. It appears that some drugs are able to interfere with apoptosis or programmed cell death. This is the pinciple by which they believe that a product like Vaniqa works.

The Dermatek product from AntiCancer claims it can stop cell division, but it is unclear if there is a consistent result that can be expected. Many drugs have been shown to interfere with the hair growth cycle (that’s why chemotherapy causes hair loss in many patients, but they have yet to isolate a way to deliver these drugs without unwanted side effects.

I wouldn’t buy the DermaTek product expecting it to remove hair. They have yet to prove this claim. However, there should be some interesting developments over the next few years as the colmplicated hair growth cycle becomes better understood.

For more on drugs which can affect the hair growth cycle, check out this page: