I was linked to this website from kalo. There are a million products for hair removal on the web all with different claims. I have been posting to both website in order to gather as much information before making any decision about hair removal. Andrea, I know what you think of Kalo but I have also heard of a product called “Dermanude”. Have you heard of this and what do you think? Also, I went down the list of retailers on the Kalo site and half did not carry the product but some of the individuals did. Not all had been using the product very long but some were happier than others. However I have not heard from anyone that it is permanent or will not need to be used indefinatley. I spoke with over 10 different esthicians and none of them felt as if this product would be permanent but all of them did say they were happy with the results. ( keep in mind this information was obtained by phone as a general customer calling for waxing services ). The only result they claimed to see was a slowing of the growth. At this point in time I am very confused on what works and what does not. I am currently having laser (ND YAG) removal which is very painful and expensive. I have had 5 treatment so far and will continue up to 7 unless I am satisfied before. Most laser places will tell you most people are happy with 4 treatment. Do not believe it. I’m sure its different for different people but in my situation I do not know what method I should approach next. I have sensitive skin but am willing to try anything you recomend since you seem to have a grasp on this hair removal thing. I know I am going on and on but any information you have would be helpful. Please let me know about “Dermanude” Thanks :confused:


Welcome, Lots of Hair!

Derma-Nude is the same thing as Kalo, basically, a product claiming it can affect hair growth without any published clinical proof. If you’re going to risk your momey on one of these, I’d pick whatever’s cheapest.

Sorry to hear about the laser troubles. Few people will have completed treatment in four sessions, but you can usually get a sense of how well it’s working by then.


Are you talking about the Derma-Nude that is sold by the folks at Hair No More? I have tried that and it is actually a strong depilatory. It has that typical glycolic acid smell. It seems a lot stronger than epil-stop. It didn’t burn me so I must have a high tolerance for depilatories even though I don’t use them much. I hate the smell and it isn’t any longer lasting than shaving.

The Hair No More hair inhibitor doesn’t do much. It does have a nice smell and is a good moisturizer but is rather expensive for what it does. 4 bottles for $96. Not worth it!



Thanks andrea. I am still researching methods of the longest lasting forms of hair removal. If you can recomend an epilator you feel is the most effective I would like to try one out to see how long the hair will stay away. I am running out of options here so any advice for good hair removal would be appreciated. Also do you have any information about which laser is the most effective? What do you recommend for ingrown hairs? I heard skin tend does wonders…What do you think???


Oops, you’re right, RJC2001-- Derma Nude is a two-part systems modeled on the Epil-Stop junk: a depilatory (which they call a "vanishing creme) and a hair inhibitor (which they call a hair retardant).

You’re also right about not worth the price, or the risk of unjury from this typically super-strength depilatories.