Depressed about body after taking testosterone

In 2010, I forget what month, my friend with whom I was working with at the time
Told me about some supplement that was popular at his gym.
After being out of the gym for a few years after being in good shape,
I thought that by what my friend was telling me, this supplement would help get me back to the shape and size I was before.
Ever since the age of 18 I started to grow hair on my body, mainly chest, arms and legs that’s it, the hair on my arms and legs were light, but now my body hair is everywhere.
My chest and stomach are totally covered, twice and long now and a lot darker, so is the hair on my arms.
I have a lot of hair on my back now and the hair on my arms grown all the way up to my
Shoulders, I am well and truly depressed about what I have done to myself.
I lost my girlfriend because I was too afraid of her finding out about the hair.
I went through a lot of tubes of hair removal cream before I saw due to see her,
I’ve tried waxing a few times but I break out covered in spots and red rash, laser hair removal is a big scam as that didn’t work, I no longer wear T-shirts or low collar clothes.
I paid money to do this to myself and I am so disappointed in myself, I looked good before, I just look a mess now.
Also for some reason, the hair on my arms and beard smells, this isn’t right, even after a couple of hours after a shower.
I don’t for the life of me why I decided to take them, I think because my friend told me about the and made them sound good I said yes, I know that I’d of never of taken anything that anyone else told me about.
I have even been sugared and as it wasn’t as painful as waxing I still broke out in a rash and spots.
My cheeks are starting to become hairier too, my body hair is getting worse as I notice new growth every few weeks, I don’t understand why these tablets have effected me so bad.
I’m afraid I’m always going to be on my own as I fear of a woman seeing my naked now,
People have said its only hair and a woman would accept me but it’s not about what others think, it’s what I think and how I feel about my body, I am very depressed about this and wish I’d of never of taken anything.
I’m sorry if this sounds like I am moaning as I know that thousands of people have a lot worse problems, I just want all this hair gone for good and be back to as I was.

My first thought was getting to your physician. Maybe she or he could stop further hair from being stimulated. There are androgen blockers that perhaps your physician could prescribe? When did you stop taking the testosterone?

Dear fellow hairball,

Only certain non-prescription supplements can actually raise testosterone levels. (A few have been pulled from the market in the US.) I think most physicians would not conclude that your supplements caused the hair growth. (Injected “testo” is another story … read further.)

Overall, you have to consider that at your age you might have grown the hair anyway; I did, and without any supplements! Clinical/medical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is controversial and not without dangers.

For two years I went to a “specialty clinic” for HRT and received injected testosterone and (injected) HCG because they determined I was “clinically low.” I loved the results and started to get my old (younger) body back … I even was seeing my long-gone 6-pack. REALLY!

Then, of course, the old “you know what” hit the fan.

I ended up in emergency thinking I was having a heart attack (the “testo” raised my red cells so my blood got thick and my heart went into over-drive). To keep up with this blood problem, I had to donate a pint of blood every 6-weeks. After five blood-lettings (one I did myself), I finally got fed up and quit. And I’m wondering if the HCG stimulated (caused) the two skin cancers that resulted in skin-graft surgery.

Oh yeah, I also grew NEW HAIR on my back on the sides (the lats) … yep, new hair on a back that had been “electrolysis clear” for 30 years!

For you, I would start with a simple blood test to see where your hormones levels are. Certain “hormone blockers” can be effective, but they can also cause problems in a young man (e.g., growing boobs!) One of these (used for baldness) can cause sexual dysfunction (no woody).

Overall, my guess is that the supplements did NOT cause your hair growth, so don’t “beat yourself up.”

Oh, by the way, the HRT clinic I went to has now been restricted by law to treating no men over 60 (seems old guys are overly sensitive and develop dangerous side-effects: cancer, heart attack and stroke. So far, I haven’t had the stroke!

Also, STOP the damned waxing/sugaring: it will really screw your up by causing distorted hairs and stimulating new coarse hair (from the tiny ones that are torn out).

For the time-being, get a clipper (they make clippers specifically for body hair) and trim-down the hairs. Not the best solution, but until you decide on a real solution you will, at least, look a bit less hairy.

Anyway, that’s what I did after doing exactly what you are doing now. NO WAXING!

There “ooughta be a law!” Pimples, rash and MORE hair! Lovely!

All great comments, Mike.

MarkD, how old are you?

Thanks Dee Dee … & U 2!

A million years ago, when I played piano for a living, I was working at a place called “The Reindeer Room.” The Maitre D’ was an Italian guy named “Pino.” I was talking to him about something in my life and he said, “Oh Mike, I know every hair on your BACK!”

I said, “How did you know I have hair on my back?”

He said, “Oh, that’s an old Sicilian expression … between guys.”

So, there it is: no supplements, no testosterone, “no nuttin.” Just ITALIAN … and just the HAIR! Madonna Mia!

I am 34 soon to be 35 years old.
The tablets I took weren’t from a doctor, they were supplements from a gym.
The name of them is Tren Bomb from a company called Pharma Labs.
They have since been banned here in the UK, about 2-3 years ago now.
I’m afraid that they might of been quite toxic and be of high test levels.
I understand what you say about getting hairier as you age, but not almost doubling my body hair in the space of almost 5 years, I too have patches of hair
On my lats and when I wear a shirt I feel the hair pulling slightly with the tightness of the shirt.
I have thought about going to the doctors and explaining everything, but to be honest my doctor died after he retired and now I see whom ever is on and to be honest, I can tell they are not listening and want me out the room fast so the next patient is seen.
I definitely don’t want man boobs or any other side effects.
Waxing or sugaring hasn’t helped and definately don’t want a spotty and red rash back again, it’s like I can’t show my back because of the hair and I can’t show it because of the spots and rash if I wax and such.
I know that there are two types of hair, the fine blonde baby hairs and the longer thicker darker hair.
Surely there would be a way to manipulate the follicles from being in a growth state to a dormant state.
I am very self conscious about my body now, used to love swimming and relaxing in the sauna at the gym, couldn’t dream of doing that now, I know millions of people are far far worse off, it’s just I’m afraid I’m going to be on my own for good as I’m too ashamed of another woman seeing me naked.
I really appreciate all of your replies, thank you for any advice and support to can give.

Michael, I’m a bit wary about clipping as I don’t want to feel like a cacti.
Is waxing really that bad, even though it’s not good on me, loads of people have it done, I’ve plucked the hairs on my knuckles and have had a few hairs that have grown just under the skin.
I use a needle to pull them back out.

Easy one!

If the choice is between having a social life and waxing, then I say go for the WAXING! Is it “all that bad?” Good question.

Waxing has a downside as I’ve mentioned but it’s not going to ruin you. Later on when you want a permanent solution (and have the money) the waxing will not have made that big a difference. So, yeah, wax.

Furthermore, try to stay on the “waxing schedule” that was recommended. If you do it more frequently, say every 6-weeks, it will be less painful and perhaps your skin will adjust to it and you will have fewer break-outs.

Actually, I’m considering having my own back waxed … for the summer … because I can’t stand the idea of having electrolysis at the moment! I don’t think I will get pimples from waxing, since my skin is like a dried-out prune now.

I must have very sensitive skin, the first time I was waxed, my back was a right mess.
I really wouldn’t have a problem sticking to a schedule if everything was ok,
But I can’t go through going to the doctors for cream every time my back becomes a mess.
You mentioned electrolysis, that is only for small areas lips upper lips on women and such isn’t it, the only real permenant solution.
It can also be very expensive, I did call a lady that is in my town but when I told her about my back, she abruptly told me that it was not possible to do such a large area.
I was hoping that there would be a way to make active follicles become dormant, with the advances in medicine I would have thought that something permenant or a lot longer lasting would be available.
I appreciate the replies from everyone.
It all boils down to one very stupid mistake that i made, I know in my heart that I’d of never of taken anything from anyone else. Neither can I blame my friend as it was my choice to take them.

“Electrolysis only for small areas?”

Go smack that silly woman “up the side of her head!”

I ONLY do large areas, e.g., backs etc. And, so do all of us on this hair-ridden site.

A qualified “waxer” should have all the bases covered for you: creams and everything. Keep looking and keep asking question … and find another electrologist … GEEZ!

And, start looking back at the hundreds of posts here (with photos) that talk explicitly about men and back hair.