deplitory cream in between treatments OK?

If I use a deplitory cream in between electro. treatments will it allow the hairs to be in the right stage of growth when they grow back?
I am trying to get rid of the hair on my upper lip and I use Nair for the remaining hairs. I find that I have stubble again within 2 days!
It grows so damn fast. when I was younger I resorted to shaving that area because it got so bad!..big mistake!

Not a big mistake at all. You did nothing wrong so don’t be hard on yourself.

Shaving or clipping is a very good temporary measure to use while you are having electrolysis. The active hairs will pop out quickley and the unactive hairs will not. Your electrologist will be using her time and your time efficiently if she/he is treating only growing hairs. You won’t have to shave for long, though, because a skilled electrologist will get you clear and KEEP you clear until you reach the end to this hairy situation in 9-12 months. For this happy ending to be realized, you just need to do your part and stick to the schedule your electrologist advises for you.

I wouldn’t use the depilatory in between treatments, I would shave or clip. It’s easier on the skin.


Thanks, I am doing the electrolysis myself and it is taking me awhile. I would rather not shave again because it made the hairs grow in so thick and ingrown, making them very hard to work on with regards to the angles. The hard ones are right above the lip line. Also shaving leaves me with even faster growing stubble than Nair.
So… will Nair be the same as shaving in that it will allow the hairs to be in the angen phase within a few days after using it?