Has anyone heard of depilonine before? It’s depilating product supposedly based on 3 enzymes (chymottrypsine, trypsine and papaine) and as I’ve read on the net it has been scientifically proven that it works (well…).

Papain and the others are enzymes which affect proteins. In fact, papain is used in a lot of meat tenderizers.

As with any topical, the issue is if it can affect hair without affecting surrounding skin. In the case of depilone and other non-prescription topical, there is no published clinical data proving this.

If you would like to try a topical product, I recommend looking into the prescription topical Vaniqa or for a less proven option, something with isoflavones like soymilk. Though soymilk does not have clinical data on humans, it has been shown in mouse studies to affect hair growth.