Depilitories claims that it lasts longer, any truth?

Even if it were to last one day longer that would be something. They are saying that the cream can get into the follical a little and remove it below the top level of skin surface where a razor cuts the hair and therefore depilories last longer, does anyone know if this is true, and can anyone tell me what thier personal experience with this? Anyone done one leg shaving one leg depilitory to test?

You might try shaving one leg and using Nair on another. You’ll find that the stubble on the shaved leg will feel a bit more bristly because it’s cut with such a straight top to it. Depilatories can leave the end feeling a little less sharp.

That’s the basis for claims that depilatories last a little longer. They might get a little further below the skin’s surface, but I believe the real benefit it the blunt tip of the hair.

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IMHO depilatories are not any better than shaving, and are totally useless on male chest hair.

A top of the line razor like the Mach 3 Turbo is every bit as good as a depilatory.

Depilatories may result in fewer ingrown hairs when hair grows back and that would be an advantage.