Depilatory creams for thin hairs

I have thin black hairs pretty much all over my back…its not like super prominent unless you get rather close (I believe they’re vellus hairs…a lot of vellus hairs), but still would be nice for it to not be there and I’m considering using a depilatory cream or waxing in an attempt to manage it.

My concern is that the regrowth might be rough or prickly, I shaved my underarms (which are significantly thicker) and the prickly feeling was unbearable…it took 6 LHR treatments to sort it out.

So I’m just wondering if anyone who uses depilatory creams on relatively thin hair can tell me what the regrowth is like.

thats a good idea actually.

on my arms, which have quite thick hairs (but not coarse UNLESS i shaved them a few days before naturally), with depilatory cream it left stubble, and the next day felt rough as hell. but on my back that could work, as its much softer, and in the upper regions, vellus.

bleach is also an option im considering, but its gonna be a hassle reaching those areas.