Depilatory cream plus shaving


Hello. I’ve tried different temporary hair removal methods, including Epi-Lady (ouch), depilatory creams and shaving. Not interested in permanent hair removal right now.

Tried a depilatory cream (Nair and others) on my legs and underarms.
They work but sometimes leave some dark points or very short hairs there.
Is it safe to shave immediately after the cream? Or, how long should I wait before doing it?

My skin is sensitive. Is it possible to get adverse effects from the creams, like dark spots? I think shaving is actually harder on the skin.

Thanks for the great forum.



Those with sensitive skin should avoid depilatories. You should not shave an area if your skin is irritated. If you use a depilatory and shave immediately after, it’s important to rinse the area completely first and to use a shaving cream with no irritants like menthol, etc.

If you’ve tried Nair and didn’t like it, I’d probably skip other depilatories, many of which are even more harsh. You might consider epilating (removing hair from the roots) if you don’t like the dark points cause by visible hairs just under the skin.