depilators 3 weeks after Laser

I searched for this topic, but I did not find.
I was hoping to clear my skin with the last Laser session because in 3 weeks from the session I am going on a small vacation (no tanning involved).
Now I really badly need to clear the shaved hair that did not fall.
Is it ok to use depilators ? It would be a pitty to wax as I know this delay the success of laser. But I really don’t want to have a shaved feel… on my back !

Many thanks for your thoughts.

Any opinions please ? I don t want to head to CWS and regret it… but at the same time i don’t want to go looking like a shaved monkey

In your case, I would think waxing would be your best bet here. The risk of chemical burn is unwanted, and if any of the hairs are still shedding, the chemicals would have a possibility to get into areas and cavities not normally open to a topical.

3 weeks after the session, all the hair should have falled out and you should be hairfree for several weeks, if everything is done correctly. If not, you should get a touchup at that time.

Shaving is the best solution during treatments if you do need to remove the hair. Chemicals are not good for skin anyway. And waxing is counterproductive if done AFTER you have started treatments.