depilatories and tattoos

I have a tattoo on my back and need to remove hair that is growing around it, will depilatories affect my tattoo at all?


I would have it waxed. if you accidently left the delipatory on too long, it would dissolve your skin, and the tattoo on it. if the hair is too short to wax, then I would say have it electrolysised off, or just shave.


Hi beardy.

May I suggest that you contact your tattoo artist and ask about depilatory use on a tattoo? Then,to be triple sure, call a few other tattoo artists in your area and ask them the same question. I would aprreciate your feedback very much, because I think it is a great question that I, too, would like to know the answer. There is a lot of information about post treatment care of a fresh tattoo,but I don’t really hear much about long term care.

It wouldn’t be too long or costly to do some thermolysis to rid the hair permanently around the area.

Please let us know what you find out.