Definition of “Finished”

This situation is so rare that I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it. Still, there might be something to gain from the telling.

My client “Max” was finished with his back, shoulders and stomach more than 5 years ago. The total cost was about $5,000. Since then, I will see him every 6 months to a year to “get the hairs that are still coming back!” He returns with great anger. I have never charged him for these “follow ups.” However …

Last week he called me … angry … and said four hairs had grown back on his shoulders. I’m not kidding, I could barely find them. Luckily, he had drawn a circle around each one but I still had to turn off all my overhead lights and “angle” my dental lamp across the skin so I could find them. They were slightly longer vellus hairs.

As I told him (again), humans were “gifted” with 5 million hair follicles and with constant male hormone stimulation, a few hairs WILL pop up now and then. Now the thing is, I have NEVER had a male client do this. All guys are super-happy to LOOK hairless, even if a few longer hairs are detectible.

The guy is a rich movie-executive and so I suppose I have been overly solicitous. But I am getting tired of his downright nasty attitude. I feel like telling him to “remove his testicles” if he’s so insistent about being a “statue.” He he he

Thank God very few people are like this (and he’s the only body case EVER). But, I think people must understand that we are biological entities … not made of marble … and “hair happen!” So, what’s the definition of “finished?”

I’ve been thinking about this and a new slogan for the AEA could be:

“Hair Happens!”

T-Shirts, mugs, bumper stickers …

The AEA slogan is: “Electrolysis, it’s not what you think.”

This slogan is silly. I don’t like it at all! Why? Because, actually, electrolysis IS what you think [it is]! It hurts like the blazes and it takes “forever!” I don’t very much like electrolysis OR laser, for that matter.

Can I say that?

he he he Michael you should select your clients better, I just accept intelligent boys and girls. :wink:

You know, Jossie, I sometimes think that I get “worked” by a few clients (the clever ones). See, I end up working for free!

Also, Barbara just told me the AEA slogan I quoted is “out.” The new one is “red hot”:

“Electrolysis: everything else is a road to nowhere!”

WOW! Put that one in your “follicle” baby!

I do not call that being clever, here we would call him “ser un Caradura”, which is the same as being an opportunist, and also a “Gilipollas” for not knowing how lucky he was to fall into your hands.

Or maybe even a “Gilipollo”? :wink:

ha ha ha Total and absolutely a BIG “Gilipollo”