I hate surprises when purchasing equipment.


Are you interested in my equipment? I can send you images, they are all in Excellent condition, barely used and I still have the boxes. Please let me know, I can work out a great price.

I might be interested in the Xcell if the price is low enough, but I doubt my current funding would accomodate it ( I already own one Xcell) . That said, I dont like surprises as to who I am dealing with, and would think you are going to have to let people know who you are before anyone would risk relatively large amounts of money on a piece of equipment which could be non-functiona, stolen, or any number of other things, and that was the point of my post.

ok sure you can call me at 7188513128 to discuss pricing. Are you located in the US?

Is your xCell registered with Dectro?

yes it is registered with Dectro from a year ago.

xCell is ridiculously overpriced machine. It is not worth buying it. 27 MHz is only marketing trick. If Synchro worth 10 000$ more, go ahead. 3G will do the same job for the fraction of the price of the xCell.My training was in Dectro International school.I tried all of their machines- SX-500,3G, Platinum and xCell. No difference of feeling or whatever. Note, that this is my opinion.

I’m selling it for less than 10,000 a couple thousand less. let me know if interested. I can be reached at 7188513128

I am not on the market to buy machine but if I was I would not pay more than 3000$ for any machine. In fact my whole set up costs about 3000$, including Apilus SX-500, microscope(build myself),magnified lamp(3 and 5 diopters) and treatment table.

dimi I have recently purchased a new in box Xcell and you would have to put a 1 in front of your amount to know roughly what I paid for it. They are, horrendously overpriced machines. The Xcell machines truly they are not any better than as some others suggest a senior II or senior 3g . When I purchased it, I was rather hoping it would last me a good number of years and would not become a frequent service problem. So far I havent been to disapponted except for the quality of the probeholders that come with them. The best I get out a probeholder is 3-4 months and the worst is 3 or 4 days. Also I would note that at least neew, the platinum and platinum pure are no longer made by dectro . They have announced their retirement for these lines to be replaced by the xcell.

I will agree with you that I dont believe the majority of electrologists will be willing to pay the premium price for an Xcell, even used.Many seem to be opting for the Clairblend Elegance or the Instantron Spectrum Elite instead. Both of these epilators cost in the 3000-3500 range.When one can get a (new) and just as capable epilator for less than the cost of a USED Xcell, well, i think it possible if I ever decide to sell the one I have, it might be at a loss.The used epilator market is “the great Equalizer” whenit comes to pricing of epilators.


I bought my machine SX-500 for 1600$, second hand.According to the repair guy in Dectro,this machine is the best of all machine Dectro built.(The director of Dectro Montreal, Louise, has the same machine in her office at home). Platinum line was the first with 27MHz but this line was just transition to the XCell line and had design flows and reliability problems.3G is striped down SX-500.XCell is SX-500 but with 27Mhz frequency and new Synchro mode. Considering that frequency is only marketing trick, people pay about 10 000$ more for Synchro, more modern look and new user interface. My thinking is - buy proven rock solid machine(even second hand) and collect money to buy the best possible visual aid. By the way I still use the original probe-holders and have no problem with them. How you know, we always can check them with continuity test. I have the price list of all the staff Dectro sells so if somebody is interested I can give that info.

Dectro price list as of March,2017(taxes not included):

-Apilus Junior 3G- 3,195 CAD
-Apilus Senior 3G- 4,195 CAD
-Apilus Platinum Pure- 7,595 CAD
-Option Synchro- 550 CAD
-Apilus XCELL Pure- 9,995 CAD
-Option XCELL Pure Synchro- 695 CAD
-Apilus XCELL Pro-11,995 CAD

I dont have any problems with the probeholders to my sm500( same as yours) the 27 mhz ones are not very good.

Well, you are not paying $10,000 for Synchro and a modern look. You get much, much more than that.

I paid the asking price for the xCell over three years now and I continue to get everything and more that I wanted from it. Before I purchased the Pro, I tried different brands, hoping that a basic $3,000 epilator offered what I desired and ended up not feeling too excited. Darn, I’d rather pay $3,000 than $11,000 any day.

Sorry to sound so redundant for those that know me on this subject, but here goes. On the xCell Pro, I like the management system for client files and stats. I like the freedom to make my own recipes for intensity and timing or tweaking the presets a little up, down, left, right, using the most minute timing tweaks possible. Apilus gives you a wide range of personal possibilities for controlling the unit. I like the choice of thermolysis programs (especially Synchro) and blend programs that are offered. I like the large (i-phone like) touch screen, that I can easily see and adjust quickly. The heavy steel case is as sturdy as you get. t’s not PLASTIC like many others. I love the printer, the statistic sheets and the overall quality of the epilator. Just as one see’s and feels differences with the great car brands, same goes for professional epilators. There’s more that I like, but I will stop there.

The bashing of the xCell goes on and on whether here or on the closed sites and it always seems to come down to how expensive the xCell is. I am not an expert on why things cost what they cost. I assume research, development and marketing is a costly endeavor.

If you are someone that has experienced a malfunctioning Platinum or xCell, then I certainly understand that frustration because they are expensive and one expects everything to work. Maybe it is an overpriced piece of crap and I have not discovered that yet because I am lucky or too stupid.

I can say with all honesty that I have been going strong and steady since 2014 with my xCell and it more than aligns with my standards of quality, features and functionality. I am serious when I say, that I would retire if I didn’t have this epilator, that I have grown to absolutely love for its unique features. I am spoiled and cannot accept less.

It’s all personal preference, I know, but it appears that the price tag seems to be a negative talking point of many regarding the xCell’s, even if there are no problems. I compared the features of several great brand epilators (ClareBlend, Gentronics (I owned this one), Silhouet-Tone (I owned this one), Instatron). I didn’t form my opinion based on other’s opinions, I actually touched and used ALL of these epilators on hairy humans because I wanted to understand why one costs $11,000 and another $3,000. I found features that I liked about all, but to me, the Apilus Platinum II and the xCell Pro offered features beyond the great basic brands and performed very well, with one exception - the motherboard on the Apilus Platinum was replaced in 2010, but no problems after that. The xCell Pro has not had any performance problems, but I do admit that I hold my breath because others have reported problems with no current.

I can just report that I do like the xCell Pro a whole bunch and I keep my bunny ears erect, listening for anyone who has had problems.

I have an xCell (not pro) with Synchro. The management system in the Pro was overkill for me, since I already like keeping paper charts of everything, so I didn’t spring for it.

I don’t have any issues with the price of the xCell, though I think that, for the price, it should have come with better power regulation (ie, a small UPS) built in, especially since poor power regulation seems to be at fault of a lot of the unit failures I’ve heard about.

I absolutely hate the lack of configuration settings for things like sounds (the firing beep is too loud, the ending beep is too quiet and easy to miss) and I find that the touch screen gets in my way. I liked having individual buttons on my old machine, though I like the readout of having a computer screen on the machine.

As of right now, I plan to buy a second xCell for my other electrologist once she’s busy enough to make it worth it (leaving my previous Senior 3G as a backup machine)… That said, I’m rather unhappy with the poor quality of the accessories on the xCell. I’ve had a tine off a chuck break off my holder (it’s generally the cord that fails) and, while I have the metal foot switch, I think the plastic foot switch is outrageous and, both the probe holders and foot switches are ridiculously overpriced when they do fail (I don’t mind paying $120 for a foot switch, but it better be industrial quality, not cheapo plastic, and if electricspa can offer cords for $12 (+$8 for a holder you can move to a new cord), I don’t see why Dectro selling them for $54+ isn’t a ripoff.)

Honestly, if Instantron or someone were motivated, Dectro has made themselves vulnerable to be dethroned. While I like the xCell, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

I really have respect for people with high standards like you!
I do not want to say that XCell is bad machine it is just overpriced, but maybe there are reasons for that.
I will give an example. I am working in medical device company and we make respiratory monitoring sensor which is the first and only in the field. The manufacturing cost is 1$ but the company sells it for 30$. Seems overpriced-30X difference.Now considering that it took 2 years to get to the market and the expenses for patents,R&D,Clinical trials,EMC testing,CE marks, FDA approval etc…the company spent millions of dollars.
The sells price has noting to do with the manufacturing price. Marketing, competition and many other factors dictate the final price of the product.

Dee and Seana,I really hope that your machines will work fine many ears.
Actually I can ask my friend in Dectro who repairs their machines for possible problems with XCell and how good and reliable they are.